New global solutions that assist people seeking new jobs. A technology and licensing firm.

Software, publishing products and services we've created have assisted individuals seeking new jobs, organizations providing outplacement, and other institutions interested in helping their members or graduating students find the right new jobs.

About TAPIT Worldwide. Our new software meets the #1 challenge job hunters face... getting the openings and contacts they need... in areas and industries of interest.

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About our Job Hunting Success Series. This online product has 40 illustrated articles in color, 15 short videos, and gives job seekers worldwide all they need to know about how to search.

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Our new ebook, is embedded with 1-minute videos to make it easy for professionals and executives to put new ideas into action.

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Marketing websites for job seekers. People select from hundreds of proven designs and their own website can be created and hosted in minutes. An amazing development, this makes networking and job hunting easier than ever. Click to view website video.

Outplacement. All the software, publication and service capabilities to install a high quality and low-cost outplacement program. Our technology combined with personal staff can bring dramatic savings. Click to

5-part job hunting assistance service. Everything people need to know about job hunting, professional resume writing, creating and hosting their website, and providing the openings, leads and contacts they need. Click to

Our marketability report. When our comprehensive marketability profile is completed, people can instantly download an 8-page report that pinpoints their marketable skills as compared to 2,000 others in their income range.

Our resume writing software. Our comprehensive career history profile surfaces a wealth of key information about each individual. When they complete our profile, the first draft of their resume is formatted and assembled for review.

A marketing game plan for job seekers. Everyone knows that trial-and-error job hunting doesn't work. Once our special profiles are completed, a custom game plan for getting the right interviews can be quickly supplied.

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