Testimonials and Stories of Job Search Success

Thousands of executives and professionals, clients of SET, have shared their stories of job search success with us. This sampling represents a cross-section of locations, industries and positions given for the encouragment of those in similar situations.

Stories By Position

Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing (22)

Manager, Senior Manager in Finance (11)

Engineering (20)

Director Level in IT (14)

VP Level in Finance, Treasurer (10)

Director of Sales, Director of New Business Development (32)

Architect, Engineer in IT (10)

Business Mgr, Business Unit Mgr, Business Leader, Manager, Sr Manager (8)

Legal (8)

Product Development, R&D (any level), Technical Scientific (12)

Director Level in Finance (13)

VP Human Resources (5)

Business Manager - Miscellaneous (15)

Uncategorized VP Level Positions (14)

Other HR Positions (4)

Partners & Principals (6)

Project Manager or Director, Program Manager or Director (31)

Customer Service (8)

Manager Level Positions in Marketing (12)

Regional VP, Regional Director (11)

Controller (18)

VP Operations (18)

Director, Other Marketing Positions (9)

Regional Manager, Area Manager, Branch Manager (13)

Sales Account Manager, Account Executive, Sales Representative & Related (21)

Analysts, Others in Finance (19)

Sales - Other Titles (20)

Product Mgr, Sr Product Mgr, Brand Mgr, Other Mktg Positions (12)

Chief Financial Officer (20)

CEO, Owner, President (34)

General Manager, Division President, Executive Director (24)


Director Level Positions in Operations - Specific Functions (24)

VP Marketing (21)

Positions Below VP in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Materials (11)

Uncategorized Director Level Positions (12)

Other VP Level Operations - Specific Functions (6)

Sales Manager - All Other Designations (18)

Director of Marketing (15)

National Sales Manager (17)

Other Positions in IT (21)

Plant Manager, Plant Supervisor (5)

VP Sales (29)

Manager Level in Operations (39)

Uncategorized Other Positions (6)

Operations (Other) (5)

COO, EVP, Managing Director (32)

Vice President, Division Manager (8)

Engineering Management (17)

Director Level in HR (9)

Manager Level, Project Manager, Project Leader in IT (28)

Consultant (25)

A Random Selection of Success Stories

Katherine N Accepts $75,000+ Project Manager Position in Pacific Northwest with Provider of Integration and Process Automation Software-- "Product Very Exciting"-- Praises Campaign Manager Lourdes C

 Reporting to the CTO and CEO, Katherine will oversee new product development and launch, and create new processes and procedures for the firm. She told Campaign Manager Lourdes C that the product is very exciting, and she likes the environment, location and compensation. She thanked Lourdes for her guidance.

Eric M Accepts $106,000 Senior Contracts Manager Position with Aerospace Firm in Mountain States-- Overcomes Long Unemployment and Poor Experience with Other Firms-- Sees Growth, Likes Environment-- Credits SET Resume, Website, Team, Other Resources

 Reporting to the VP Business Development, Eric will oversee contracts with third parties for this maker of sophisticated systems for aerospace applications. He is pleased and volunteered this comment:

     "I like the location, the opportunity for advancement, the growth, and the environment. I had been unemployed for 16 months, and had used three other 'outplacement firms' prior to engagement with SET.

     "The consulting team was extremely helpful, as were the access to openings, the creative materials, and the strategies."

  Eric went on to mention the suggestions for career and industry options, the Industry Characteristics Profile, the solutions for liabilities, the communications strategy, guidance on interviews, the website for half a dozen different purposes, the resume distributions, ongoing services, his relationship with Campaign Manager Bill D, and several other resources.

Harold Q Now $100,000+ Director of Business Development in Northeast for Advanced Technology Lab of Major Aviation/Defense Firm-- Sees Challenge, Feels Highly Valued-- Used SET Website Aggressively

 Harold will use his solid technology background and education, which includes a Ph.D., to lead new business efforts for the labs. He told Campaign Manager Sue S that the position offers a great deal of challenge, and he feels highly valued by the organization.

 He kept in close touch with Sue throughout the campaign, and used the website frequently for a variety of purposes.

1-877-796-7644, SET, executivejobhunting, tapitworldwide.com, www.executivejobhunting.com, SET, Director of Business Development,Technology Labs / Aviation / Defense,

Harold Q Now $100,000+ Director of Business Development in Northeast for Advanced Technology Lab of Major Aviation/Defense Firm-- Sees Challenge, Feels Highly Valued-- Used SET Website Aggressively, SET,Technology Labs / Aviation / Defense, Director of Business Development, SET, www.executivejobhunting.com, tapitworldwide.com, executivejobhunting, SET,1-877-796-7644

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