Testimonials and Stories of Job Search Success

Thousands of executives and professionals, clients of Advanced Career Technologies, have shared their stories of job search success with us. This sampling represents a cross-section of locations, industries and positions given for the encouragment of those in similar situations.

Stories By Position

Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing (22)

Manager, Senior Manager in Finance (11)

Engineering (20)

Director Level in IT (14)

VP Level in Finance, Treasurer (10)

Director of Sales, Director of New Business Development (32)

Architect, Engineer in IT (10)

Business Mgr, Business Unit Mgr, Business Leader, Manager, Sr Manager (8)

Legal (8)

Product Development, R&D (any level), Technical Scientific (12)

Director Level in Finance (13)

VP Human Resources (5)

Business Manager - Miscellaneous (15)

Uncategorized VP Level Positions (14)

Other HR Positions (4)

Partners & Principals (6)

Project Manager or Director, Program Manager or Director (31)

Customer Service (8)

Manager Level Positions in Marketing (12)

Regional VP, Regional Director (11)

Controller (18)

VP Operations (18)

Director, Other Marketing Positions (9)

Regional Manager, Area Manager, Branch Manager (13)

Sales Account Manager, Account Executive, Sales Representative & Related (21)

Analysts, Others in Finance (19)

Sales - Other Titles (20)

Product Mgr, Sr Product Mgr, Brand Mgr, Other Mktg Positions (12)

Chief Financial Officer (20)

CEO, Owner, President (34)

General Manager, Division President, Executive Director (24)


Director Level Positions in Operations - Specific Functions (24)

VP Marketing (21)

Positions Below VP in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Materials (11)

Uncategorized Director Level Positions (12)

Other VP Level Operations - Specific Functions (6)

Sales Manager - All Other Designations (18)

Director of Marketing (15)

National Sales Manager (17)

Other Positions in IT (21)

Plant Manager, Plant Supervisor (5)

VP Sales (29)

Manager Level in Operations (39)

Uncategorized Other Positions (6)

Operations (Other) (5)

COO, EVP, Managing Director (32)

Vice President, Division Manager (8)

Engineering Management (17)

Director Level in HR (9)

Manager Level, Project Manager, Project Leader in IT (28)

Consultant (25)

A Random Selection of Success Stories

Ernie A Wins $115,000+ Director of Direct Mail Post with Major Mail Order Firm in New York -- Received Two Offers in One Week -- VP Level Within a Year -- Praises Advanced Career Technologies Resume, Learning How To "Sell Himself"

 Reporting to the Senior Vice President, New Member Acquisition, Ernie will be managing a centralized direct mail planning and analysis group for the firm's music and video clubs. He's optimistic about his future, and had this to say:

     "I received two offers in the same week. This position is similar to roles I have held before, so I am confident that I will be able to start off strong in this role. Also, there is a Vice President level position open above it that I may be able to move into in 6-9 months."

 Ernie pointed to a few of the Advanced Career Technologies resources that were most helpful:

     "I think the biggest impact was from learning how to sell myself better.

 Using stories to answer interview questions definitely leaves a lasting image. The revisions to my resume also helped bring out my strengths."

Anton S Wins $150,000 VP Operations Post in Northeast with Manufacturer of Refrigeration Equipment and Ice Machines -- Credits Advanced Career Technologies Resume, Letters, Interview Preparation, Website

 Anton will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the firm, and was pleased to accept this offer, which provides "better opportunities for advancement and greater challenges" than he had previously.

 He pointed to over a dozen Advanced Career Technologies resources that were helpful. He mentioned the resume and sample letters, interview preparation, the communication strategy, the website for various uses, solutions for liabilities, guidance on negotiations, and Advanced Career Technologies's overall professionalism and expertise.

Harold Y Wins $60,000 Human Resources Manager Post with Building Supplies / Home Repair Retailer in Northeast -- Sees Bona Fide Career Opportunities -- Praises Advanced Career Technologies Marketing Materials, Campaign Manager Jim Z

 Reporting to the Store Manager, Harold will fill an HR Generalist function, supporting the employee relations, performance management, training and career advancement needs for all associates within the store. He is pleased with this move and anticipates personal growth:

     "The position is a strong match for my skill set and specific experience.

 Additionally, the career advancement opportunities appear bona fide."

 Harold volunteered positive comments about Advanced Career Technologies and his Campaign Manager Jim Z:

     "I found the one-on-one time spent with Jim was extremely beneficial.

 Jim's ability to lay out a campaign strategy, alongside the well-conceived marketing materials, provided a solid foundation for success.... Jim's support reduced my anxiety level and enabled me to gain a richer understanding of my campaign objectives."

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