Testimonials and Stories of Job Search Success

Thousands of executives and professionals, clients of SET, have shared their stories of job search success with us. This sampling represents a cross-section of locations, industries and positions given for the encouragment of those in similar situations.

Stories By Position

Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing (22)

Manager, Senior Manager in Finance (11)

Engineering (20)

Director Level in IT (14)

VP Level in Finance, Treasurer (10)

Director of Sales, Director of New Business Development (32)

Architect, Engineer in IT (10)

Business Mgr, Business Unit Mgr, Business Leader, Manager, Sr Manager (8)

Legal (8)

Product Development, R&D (any level), Technical Scientific (12)

Director Level in Finance (13)

VP Human Resources (5)

Business Manager - Miscellaneous (15)

Uncategorized VP Level Positions (14)

Other HR Positions (4)

Partners & Principals (6)

Project Manager or Director, Program Manager or Director (31)

Customer Service (8)

Manager Level Positions in Marketing (12)

Regional VP, Regional Director (11)

Controller (18)

VP Operations (18)

Director, Other Marketing Positions (9)

Regional Manager, Area Manager, Branch Manager (13)

Sales Account Manager, Account Executive, Sales Representative & Related (21)

Analysts, Others in Finance (19)

Sales - Other Titles (20)

Product Mgr, Sr Product Mgr, Brand Mgr, Other Mktg Positions (12)

Chief Financial Officer (20)

CEO, Owner, President (34)

General Manager, Division President, Executive Director (24)


Director Level Positions in Operations - Specific Functions (24)

VP Marketing (21)

Positions Below VP in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Materials (11)

Uncategorized Director Level Positions (12)

Other VP Level Operations - Specific Functions (6)

Sales Manager - All Other Designations (18)

Director of Marketing (15)

National Sales Manager (17)

Other Positions in IT (21)

Plant Manager, Plant Supervisor (5)

VP Sales (29)

Manager Level in Operations (39)

Uncategorized Other Positions (6)

Operations (Other) (5)

COO, EVP, Managing Director (32)

Vice President, Division Manager (8)

Engineering Management (17)

Director Level in HR (9)

Manager Level, Project Manager, Project Leader in IT (28)

Consultant (25)

A Random Selection of Success Stories

Madeleine K Now $120,000 Manager with Investment Banking / Turnaround Firm in Upper Midwest--"Very Generous Offer...Location 20 Minutes From My House" ... Credits SET Action Plan, Job Market Access Center, Support and Encouragement of Marketing Director Melissa K

 Reporting to the Managing Director, Madeleine will be working in the Restructuring and Performance Improvement group of the firm, working with clients to improve their processes and in some cases to help them manage through a crisis (bankruptcy). She's pleased with the move, and made these comments:

     "This job allows me to draw off of my manufacturing experiences while incorporating more business and management concepts. The offer was also very generous and the location was within 15-20 minutes from my house. I had the opportunity to try out the company first as a subcontractor before committing as a full time employee."

 Madeleine was specific in her praise of SET resources:

     "The 3 biggest things that SET helped me with were:1. Getting me started with an action plan. I was at a point where I needed help to develop a strong action plan to follow. Starting with completely revamping my resume and approach to finding the unadvertised opportunities.

     "2. I got the most activity from the unpublished sector. Having access to lists of company names by industry was the most valuable part of my job search. It got me in contact with many people that I would not have been able to find on my own....

     "3. Many times I was down and felt like I was at a dead end. Melissa's continuous support helped me to keep going. She always had a suggestion for something extra that I could do to try to generate more activity."

 Madeleine also mentioned the solutions for concerns, the letters, suggestions for career and industry options, the resume distributions and other resources.

Michael C Wins Operations Manager Position in Texas with Security Services & Systems Firm-- Allows time for Work on Patent and Franchise Sales as Well-- Likes Potential and Industry-- Praises SET Resume, Support of Judy M's Team, Distributions

 Mike will be managing services for 7 buildings of a major oil company that are under contract with his new employer. He's particularly pleased with the circumstances of his employment and volunteered this:

     "I like the location, the field, the growth potential. This job allows me to work on my planned franchise for security sales. Also, I have a product launch pending, where I hold the patent. I've arranged that I will be able to continue with that as well.

     "The resume was very good. So were the support from the team and the resources. I appreciated the quick response from Judy M. I liked the marketing plan to sell myself, and got good response from the distributions."

Gordon H Wins $150,000 Position as Director of Laboratory Sciences for Biomedical Laboratory in Rocky Mountain States  Challenging Role That Fit My Expertise  Credits EMS Distributions, Praises SET Marketing Director Ethel J, Resumes and Letters

 Reporting to the General Manager, Gordon is responsible for management of Laboratory Sciences (Immunology, Immunochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Flow Cytometry, and Molecular Technology). He appreciates the challenging nature of the job:

 It is a challenging role that fits my expertise very well. SET resources that helped include preparation of resumes and letters and the wonderful friendliness and professionalism received from Ethel J. The greatest system benefit in my case came from the mass circulation to job sources.

1-877-796-7644, SET, executivejobhunting, tapitworldwide.com, www.executivejobhunting.com, SET, Director of Laboratory Sciences,Laboratories,Reno, Nevada

Gordon H Wins $150,000 Position as Director of Laboratory Sciences for Biomedical Laboratory in Rocky Mountain States  Challenging Role That Fit My Expertise  Credits EMS Distributions, Praises SET Marketing Director Ethel J, Resumes and Letters, SET, Nevada,Reno,Laboratories, Director of Laboratory Sciences, SET, www.executivejobhunting.com, tapitworldwide.com, executivejobhunting, SET,1-877-796-7644

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