Testimonials and Stories of Job Search Success

Thousands of executives and professionals, clients of SET, have shared their stories of job search success with us. This sampling represents a cross-section of locations, industries and positions given for the encouragment of those in similar situations.

Stories By Position

Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing (22)

Manager, Senior Manager in Finance (11)

Engineering (20)

Director Level in IT (14)

VP Level in Finance, Treasurer (10)

Director of Sales, Director of New Business Development (32)

Architect, Engineer in IT (10)

Business Mgr, Business Unit Mgr, Business Leader, Manager, Sr Manager (8)

Legal (8)

Product Development, R&D (any level), Technical Scientific (12)

Director Level in Finance (13)

VP Human Resources (5)

Business Manager - Miscellaneous (15)

Uncategorized VP Level Positions (14)

Other HR Positions (4)

Partners & Principals (6)

Project Manager or Director, Program Manager or Director (31)

Customer Service (8)

Manager Level Positions in Marketing (12)

Regional VP, Regional Director (11)

Controller (18)

VP Operations (18)

Director, Other Marketing Positions (9)

Regional Manager, Area Manager, Branch Manager (13)

Sales Account Manager, Account Executive, Sales Representative & Related (21)

Analysts, Others in Finance (19)

Sales - Other Titles (20)

Product Mgr, Sr Product Mgr, Brand Mgr, Other Mktg Positions (12)

Chief Financial Officer (20)

CEO, Owner, President (34)

General Manager, Division President, Executive Director (24)


Director Level Positions in Operations - Specific Functions (24)

VP Marketing (21)

Positions Below VP in Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Materials (11)

Uncategorized Director Level Positions (12)

Other VP Level Operations - Specific Functions (6)

Sales Manager - All Other Designations (18)

Director of Marketing (15)

National Sales Manager (17)

Other Positions in IT (21)

Plant Manager, Plant Supervisor (5)

VP Sales (29)

Manager Level in Operations (39)

Uncategorized Other Positions (6)

Operations (Other) (5)

COO, EVP, Managing Director (32)

Vice President, Division Manager (8)

Engineering Management (17)

Director Level in HR (9)

Manager Level, Project Manager, Project Leader in IT (28)

Consultant (25)

A Random Selection of Success Stories

Albert K Wins $110,000 Project Manager Position in Texas with Global Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Building Firm-Pleased with Compensation and Future

 Al will function as a production manager in the firm's Production Services Department. He told his Campaign Manager Linda L that he is pleased with the position, the starting salary and his future with the company.

Stanley L Wins $110,000 Director of Operations Post in Southern California with Manufacturer of Machine Tools for Woodworking Industry-- "Good Company and Industry for Growth"-- Appreciates SET's Negotiating Guidance

 Reporting to the CEO, Stan will be responsible for transforming this company located in a premiere Business and Tech Center for the woodworking industry. He will manage the sales force and is charged with increasing revenues. He told Campaign Manager Karen S that it is a good company and a good industry for growth. He volunteered that among the most helpful SET resources, he especially appreciated the guidance on negotiations.

Roderick D Now $140,000+ VP Inventory Management in New York with Consumer Electronics / Music Company-- Advances With Same Employer-- Compliments SET Resources, Support

 Reporting to the Senior VP U.S. Supply Chain, Roderick will be responsible for inventory management of domestic product and consolidation of US inventories for what are now two separate companies. He is pleased with this opportunity to advance and replace his immediate boss. He had this to say about SET:

     "Charlie W was very helpful in helping me explore new opportunities and negotiating the final offer. The data resources were very good and data requests were handled in a timely manner."

1-877-796-7644, SET, executivejobhunting, tapitworldwide.com, www.executivejobhunting.com, SET, VP Inventory Management,Consumer Electronics / Music,New York City, New York

Roderick D Now $140,000+ VP Inventory Management in New York with Consumer Electronics / Music Company-- Advances With Same Employer-- Compliments SET Resources, Support, SET, New York,New York City,Consumer Electronics / Music, VP Inventory Management, SET, www.executivejobhunting.com, tapitworldwide.com, executivejobhunting, SET,1-877-796-7644

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